Enabling Schools

Every school's personalised academic platform to ensure holistic digital transformation.

Most integrated phygital ecosystem that prepares schools for challenges of future while leveraging their core competence.

Seamless hybrid, blended teaching and learning platform to help schools differentiate through contemporary pedagogy, curriculum and assured outcome promise.

Pedagogy Extraordinaire

Make Learning Purposeful & Meaningful for Every Learner

NEP-2020 compliant platform for Multi-Disciplinary, Multi Lingual, Assessment Driven, Evidence Based Teaching and Learning

Interactive Classroom Learning

Courseware comes to life with rich media, video & illustrative and Interactive content.

Connected Learning

Class content and schedules, notifications and social to keep you involved with course activity and groups even at home.

Blended Teaching

Teacher Guided, Assignment based, blend of classroom and after school learning.

Project Based Learning

Teacher guided, group learning & solving Real Life problems/ scenarios.

Mastery Learning

Deeper Learning at own pace, place & time and in the area of your interests

Teaching, Learning, Evaluation, Monitoring Extraordinaire

Indulge in Exceptional Phygital Experiences through Designs which complement school's Unique Character & make it High Performing. Through-

  • Frequent and efficient monitoring of learning and teaching
  • Focused professional development
  • Deeper collaboration and communication among All Stakeholders
  • Thoroughly Integrated Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments
  • High level of family and community involvement
  • High standards and expectations for all students

Success Metrics

  • School’s very own brand valuation
  • Increased Learner Engagement
  • Certainty of Learning Outcomes
  • Teachers Quality Index
  • Degree of Parents Involvement
  • Operational visibility to Principals/Administrators
  • Curated and contextualized content



Schools & Pre-Schools



  • Teacher Empowerment
  • Class AI
  • School @ Home
  • Parents Engagement
  • Performance Insights
  • Assessment As A service
  • Curriculum As A service
  • Content Curation As A service
  • MooC / SPoC
  • Administration as a Service

If you are a School Teacher, HOD, Sr. Academic person, Vice / Principal, Management trustee looking to transform Teaching, Learning, evaluation & monitoring of your school, we would love to hear from you!

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